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By Gray

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I early summer I grafted a Scotch Bonnet chilli onto a Banana Pepper, photo attached, and both are doing well. I also tried,several times, to graft a chilli onto a tomato but had no success. In each case I used side or approach grafts. Has anyone else tried and succeeded?

On plant Capsicum




Good grafting, Gray! I have heard of grafting tomatoes onto potatoes, but not any combination of tomatoes and peppers. Sometimes I wonder what people might have tried with eggplant and potatoes--both species of Solanum.

18 Oct, 2015


Clever Gray, I'm impressed. I've never thought about grafting but must try it. Is it hard? My neighbour spends hours in the garden grafting apples for an orchard he's planning in Cornwall.

19 Oct, 2015


Fiddly rather than hard - especially when the stems are thin and fragile. The most difficult part in the way I did it was to tightly bind the 2 plants together at the graft. Next year I'll buy-and-try some proper grafting clips. If you grow too many plants, this is an interesting way to use them up.

22 Oct, 2015

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