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posted a question yesterday regarding Geraniums, when best time to dig up and protect, it seems now is good time.But they are still in flower, so is it still ok to do it. thanks



Well, I would cut the flowers off, along with about 1/4 of the foliage, to keep it from going into shock when you dig it up. And, as Bloomer and Bamboo said, better now than after hard frost damages it!

21 Oct, 2015


I cut a few off mine,that were in full bloom,but they were ready for going over,and also some of the old foliage.but I won't cut the rest back yet,as I still have lots of buds to come..I will enjoy the flowers as long as possible,sometimes well into winter..I'm lucky they are in a frost free Conservatory,with plenty of natural light and warmth from any sun we may have..It does seem a shame to dig them up,Nellie,but your neighbour can still enjoy them,and it's better than losing them..

21 Oct, 2015


thanks 'bloomer'

21 Oct, 2015


You're welcome,Nellie..I'm glad I did mine the other day,as they would have been a right mess after the strong gales overnight..

22 Oct, 2015

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