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I am compiling a book on 'garden tips' so if anyone has any good tips, please let me know. thank you all.



Always check the height and spread of any plant you want to put in, and the conditions its likes, before buying.

22 Oct, 2015


If you look at goypedia ....via the alphabet below there is so much info , hints tips and advice you will have enough for lots of books ?

22 Oct, 2015


An open Bonsai Secret...

Use Non-clumping clay cat litter as an alternative to soil/compost

can be used as any plant soil substitute

allows lots of air to roots (essential for good healthy root growth)

cannot be overwatered

lighter than compost


cleaner bugs or minerals

pleasant or no smell... some are slightly perfumed but this does not affect the plants

does not compact like soils do

easier to weed

"soil" level does not lower with time

actually encourages plant growth

And Finally... cats won't use it as a toilet if its kept moist

9 Dec, 2015

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