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I have asked this question yesterday {had no reply yet}
I bought and planted a cistus [anne palmer] in the spring of this year, it appears
to be growing ok but has produced no flowers,can you help with some suggestions



Have you fertilized your plant with a high Nitrogen fertilizer, if so this will encourage follage to grow at the expense of the flowers

29 Jul, 2010


maybe its too small and young to flower this year, I'd look after it and feed it next spring potash is for promoting flowers but if its a young plant maybe a balanced feed first for all round growth and then a high potash feed. don't feed in the autumn as you may cause a growth spurt of soft foliage which can't survive the winter

29 Jul, 2010


I agree, they normally make a lot of growth the first year or maybe second before flowering. Cuttings I have taken of several in the past do this always.

29 Jul, 2010

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