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large narcissus bulb fly (Merodon equestris) Not a question.

Today checking pots of established bulbs I came across this pest for the first time, about 1.5 cm long and 4mm fat and cream in colour.
absolutely disgusting. I must have lost about 10 bulbs. the adult looks like a bee from a distance apparently. I had an educational trip to the RHS website for info.

worth checking your bulbs folks.

On plant large narcissus bulb fly (Merodon equestris)



Also inhabits Galanthus. We have given up on Narcissus because of this pest. Treatment is impossible for the amateur as it involves a precise amount of heat for an exact amount of time.

29 Oct, 2015


I sympathise, Sbg. Whilst i know about Narcissus fly we have never experienced it and I thought that it was a more southern problem. Cecking again, after your post, I see that there have been occurences in our localty!!!!

29 Oct, 2015

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