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By Sandra

pembrokeshire, Wales Wal

Help with ID please. New plant no idea what it is but this is the flower and the bud

Pa280005 Pa280004



I don't recognise this plant at all - but its hard to see clearly what the flowers are like, even under magnification I can't see detail. A better pic of the flowers (close up and in focus) might help... and is it growing in a pot or in the ground?

30 Oct, 2015


i have inherited a few plants from a friend who recently passed away. she liked Mediterranean plants and I am guessing it's tender as it was in her tunnel. I will post another pic when the flowers open . Thanks for your comment though..;-)

30 Oct, 2015


found it...

looks interesting and now at least I have an idea of how to care for it

30 Oct, 2015


shame its only an annual here - maybe you can save some seed...

31 Oct, 2015


it is in my tunnel and i would think its several years old with a strong woody structure, so I am hoping it is going to like it here.

31 Oct, 2015


Ah, yes, good chance it'll keep going, but if its in a container, maybe it needs more root room...?

31 Oct, 2015


I am going to take your advice and repot it today...thanks

1 Nov, 2015

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