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I love acanthus and recently included a quite a few of them in mixed borders in my garden. I have since heard that they take over and it's not a good idea to put them in a border like this. Should I take them out or leave them and try and control them?!

On plant Acanthus spinosus



I have them and they are a bit of a thug. Mine have nasty spines on the flowers which I am not keen on but they do add height and colour when it is needed. I just dig out unwanted plants as soon as I see them. I pot them up for the charity shop.

30 Jul, 2010


Be forewarned that any piece of root you leave behind will grow into a new plant!

30 Jul, 2010


As you have only recently planted them and are concerned that they will be invasive (once they grow through the roots of other plants it will be impossible to shift them), why not plant them in pots like the ones used for supermarket flowers. Just cut the bottom off and bury the whole thing. If roots run they do not usually do it that deep and you will be able to spot any escaping over the rim of the pot.

30 Jul, 2010

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