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Can anyone help me by identifying this tree which I have in my new home? I want to keep it well maintained as it is lovely.




Could be a Locust tree, as to the variety eg Black or Honey, cannot tell by this photo.

30 Oct, 2015


hi the photo is a little on the dark side;could it be tree of heaven.or stags horn summach or something of the kind.excuse the spelling of the latter.but it looks better in the garden than in the home haha just joking good luck.

30 Oct, 2015


Looks like Rhus typhina, Stag's Horn Sumach, to me. Have you a clearer photo please?

30 Oct, 2015


I think it is a Staghorn Sumach, Rhus typhinea. Very attractive but it does send out runners which pop up everywhere.

30 Oct, 2015


Indeed it does, you may find them popping up in the lawn, but if you just mow over them it will keep them under control. Having it in that raised bed might prevent it if you're lucky. It's pretty at this time of year.

30 Oct, 2015


Agree Rhus typhina - don't prune it any more than you have to, frequent or hard pruning encourages the production of runners/suckers.

30 Oct, 2015


Another thought - It a nice tree fro growing clematis up as it can be quite boring for part of the year. I tried a C. Nelly Moser in one garden we had and it worked well.

30 Oct, 2015


A lot of great answers. I did some further research and my tree is indeed a Rhus Typhina. Thanks for all the advice.

31 Oct, 2015

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