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By Valie03

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have an area right in the corner of my garden so its bordered by 2 6ft fences its under a large tree that over hangs from my neighbours garden and the ground is very dry because I think the tree sucks up the water.What large plant or shrub could I use here please. I am thinking probably phormiun ???



Welcome to Goy. Phormium may be a bit slow growing to hide the fence but should survive. A quicker growing idea would be a Viburnum. V. Tinus is evergreen winter flowering and will grow to 2m x 2m if you want it to. V.Carlessiiis about the same size and is deciduous. Google Viburnum and find lots of different ones. Escallonia is evergreen, will flower all summer, grows to a similar size and attracts bees etc.It can have white, pale or dark pink or red flowers depending on which one you choose. Click on S in the A-Z at the foot of the page to find shade plants that might help you.

30 Jul, 2010


Phormium like lots of sun, so if the area is very shady, it won't do too well - half sun half shade will be okay though. However, even Phormiums need water when we're in drought, particularly in a situation like you describe, so some watering of anything you put there may be necessary. Aucuba japonica would probably grow there, gets about 8 feet by 8 feet eventually - Mahonia aquifolium is a good evergreen shrub, but only gets to about 3 or 4 feet high and the same or more wide, and tolerates a fair bit of dryness and a good amount of shade.

30 Jul, 2010


Thanks for both replies I will look your suggestions up.
Regards Valie03

3 Aug, 2010


Camellias will grow in full shade but they do not like chalk soils.

4 Aug, 2010

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