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By Nette

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How can I get rid of slugs in my garden there are loads of them tried salt but that was only effective on them bought sug pellets but they are dangerous to kids and animals so can't use them



There's something called Nematodes which are advertised as effective against our slimy friends. Not tried them myself so can't comment any further.

8 Aug, 2008


I think that you have to use Nematodes from the beginning of the gardening season and subsequently at intervals, so they will have to wait until next year, I'm afraid. Many people swear by beer traps - put jars of beer sunk into the soil at intervals in the evening and then have a look at them in the morning! I'm told that the slimy fiends die with a smile on their faces! Sadly, I can't use this method as our Labrador would be reeling around sozzled!

8 Aug, 2008


Hi Nette
Have a look at my blog on Snail and Slugs
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8 Aug, 2008


Hi Nette - I've used nematodes very successfully and, yes, you do need to start in the spring as soon as the ground starts to warm up (>40F??) and carry the treatment on about once every 6 weeks until early Sept or so. A tad expensive but worth it for No Slugs! There are quite a few suppliers, some which will set up a series of deliveries so you don't forget! Good luck!!

8 Aug, 2008


night patrols! with a torch and a sharp stick, messy but only harmfull to the slugs.....if you are squeemish , you could collect them in a container and then dispose of that......hope this helps

9 Aug, 2008

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