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A couple of days ago I brought my Coprosma lemon and lime plant into the conservatory for the winter ( as I did last year ) as I understand that they are not fully hardy, however although it looks very healthy a lot of the leaves are falling of ( which didn,t happen last year ) is this expected ? I realize the conditions inside are different to being outside but don,t want to damage the plant.Has anyone any suggestions as to what is happening / or what I need to do ,also how often should it be watered during the winter. At the moment I have put the plant back outside and covered it with fleece, is this a good idea or not ,appreciate any advise please.



Transplant shock - plants hate being moved around. Your tree went into shock from the sudden change in it's environment. There are steps you can take to reduce the shock and help your tree recover.

1 Nov, 2015

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