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Can you help please I have an espallier pear tree overnight (weekend of 24th Oct)the whole crop ,20 pears disappeared NO trace of pips cores skin no trodden down foliage around ,NO my neighbours did not take them and there is no access to my garden from outside.PLEASe can you solve this mystery.Gill Pendreich



Your WHOLE crop disappeared overnight? Somebody took them.

2 Nov, 2015


Any animal or bird stealing the pears would have left evidence - trampled or broken foliage, remains of half eaten pears, some pears still left on the tree. Barring an Act of God, its a human being very carefully picking them and leaving no trace...

2 Nov, 2015


Agree with Bathgate and Bamboo human theft.

2 Nov, 2015


Yup scrumping.

2 Nov, 2015


Agree this happened last year on my allotment, my conference pear laden one day the next every pear gone.

2 Nov, 2015


Sorry Gill but reality is the pears were scrumped, I'm sure you do not want to think they were but that is the reality - oh and welcome to GoY!

2 Nov, 2015


Hard to spray for "garden pests" like that! My condolences, Gill. :(

3 Nov, 2015

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