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Has anyone grown Clematis Rehderiana. I planted one and never saw it reappear in the spring. The leaves look like geranium ones.

On plant Clematis Rehderiana



Yes many moons ago and its vigorous

when did you plant it ? and how big was the plant when you did , what soil type do you have as it has to be well drained but moist and its a magnet for slugs in the spring with the new shoots appearing BUT once it gets settled in which may take 3 years depending on the size of plant its tough (but not in bad winter)

I would try it again but prepare the planting hole so its well drained also give it protection in the first year if in a cold spot it should stand up to the winter but if like 2011/12 a good thick mulch of bark will protect the roots the top may be killed off but it should regrow if the plant is large enough to throw up new shoots.

Ps like all clematis the roots need to be kept cool over the summer months either a thick layer of pebbles or a small shrub just in the front to protect from the sunshine , plus remove the bark chips in the spring once all the frost is finished with

Hope this helps .


3 Nov, 2015


I have it and there are some flowers on it too. it didn't flower last year but it stayed semi-evergreen in the shade of the yew tree that it is growing through.

4 Nov, 2015


If it 's a slug magnet that explains a lot!!

5 Nov, 2015

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