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Hi Can anyone identify this tree for me please

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no flowers or fruits on the tree
has yellow buds/ blossom arouns may time before opening to leaves

Wp_20151022_14_39_02_pro Wp_20151029_15_23_18_pro Wp_20151029_15_25_48_pro



Please could you show a photo of the whole tree as well?
Have you noticed any flowers, berries, seeds etc? There are several possibilities that it isn't quite.....

3 Nov, 2015


Could be hickory, walnut, white ash, etc by your photos. As steragram said need much more info to whittle the many possibilities down.

3 Nov, 2015


Is it growing as a sucker from the trunk behind it? Pics aren't clear enough to see whether the leaves are toothed, nor whether there's a terminal leaflet or not, but if its growing off a large trunk, it'll be whatever the trunk is its growing from.... at the moment it could be anything from Ash to Sorbus to Ailanthus to Rhus and even Wisteria, hard to say...

3 Nov, 2015


Sorry about that last sentence - don't know what I was intending to say.Fact remains, we need to see the whole tree.

3 Nov, 2015


Leaves alternate, so not an ash. The stems look too slender to be a member of the walnut family. It looks to me like a Wisteria, but there are so many other candidates.

4 Nov, 2015

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