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I planted a Japanese Skimmia Japonica Rubella a couple of years ago. This year it has sent out many tiny seedlings that have now spread over a large gravel area and also in the raised bed that the original was set in. I didn't expect this to happen and need to get rid of the many seedlings that have self set and are impossible to dig all of them up. Do you have any ideas what I might use to get rid of them please as I have a vision that each seedling will grow and then produce many, many more seedlings! Help please! Thank you



as they are seedlings they should be dead easy to pull by hand but failing that - weed killer like pathclear.

3 Nov, 2015


Are you sure they are skimmias? I'm pretty sure that Rubella is a male variety which would not set seed.

3 Nov, 2015


Agree with Steragram - Skimmia japonica 'rubella' is a male plant, and, although it produces flowers, it is incapable of producing seed. Your seedlings won't be from that...

4 Nov, 2015

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