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I am growing tomato plants called Super Marmande they are a beefsteak tomato. Can anybody tell me if they are a cordon or a bush variety



I grew them a few years ago and as far as I can remember they are semi bush but did not need pruning and did reasonably well outside even in N E Scotland

30 Jul, 2010


I am also growing Marmande outside.They are for sure a bush and very strong.Lots of large good tasting fruit . I have not pruned mine.have picked the first 8 fruits which were hiding underneath the foliage,and really needed more staking because the fruits are so heavy. I think this is where 'cages' are necessary although I have never used them.I can see that this prolific. harvest needs different attention than the 'Firline' which I am also growing outdoors. I have always been very happy with the Firline previously,but they kook puny in comparison.
( I must contact Bertie! )

30 Jul, 2010


Thanks to Puddock & Justvera for those answers, just what I wanted.

31 Jul, 2010

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