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I received a Bonsai Tree as a gift , nearly lost it in early summer whilst in hospital,it did lose most of its leaves but thanks to advice from my fellow goyers I did manage to revive it, I know absolutely nothing about where to keep it or how to care for it through the coming months, any advice will be much appreciated.....



Sorry Sue,I can't offer any words of wisdom,but Sheilabub is brilliant with Bonsai..maybe she will be able to help you,if you send her a PM ?
At least you did well to revive it..good luck.x

5 Nov, 2015


Sorry Lincslass, need to know what plant it is, or at least see a pic - care depends whether its an indoor or outdoor variety as much as anything...

5 Nov, 2015


Thanks Sandra.
Hi Bamboo, its called Camona Tree and I think it belongs indoors but the label does not really give a lot of info on how to care for it, which lets face it is the usual practise for a lot of our plants when not bought from a specialist, for instance its losing its leaves again and I'm not even sure if that is normal...

5 Nov, 2015


I think you mean Carmona Tree Lincslass, copy and paste the link below for lots of good advice

5 Nov, 2015


Thankyou Moongrower, yes I bet thats right and probably the reason I was not getting anywhere when trying to find some info, I will check that page out, I did look on a Bonsai site but could not find one that looked like mine..

5 Nov, 2015


Growing indoor Bonsai is much more difficult than growing outdoor Bonsai.
Growing a Bonsai indoors in the UK is likened to growing a tropical jungle tree in the desert...very difficult (but not impossible).
the main problems are usually insufficent
water, insufficient humidity, too draughty, or wrong location.
"indoor" bonsai are often packed for transport (in the far east)with a type of clayey material around the roots to prevent them from drying out during transport. if your bonsai still has this clay/mud around the roots it will need to be transplanted into a good growing bonsai medium.

in a centrally heated home its neccessary to water plants (bonsai especially) more frequently. water by immersing the pot up to the rim with slightly warm or room temperature water, wait until all the air bubbles stop then leave the pot for 2 mins the lift out and allow to drain before replacing it back onto its tray. alternatively you can water from the top ensuring the water soaks into the compost and doesn't run over the top and down between the pot and the dry compost.

place the bonsai pot on its tray, place this tray onto a larger tray of small pebbles (better still use non-clumping clay cat litter). always ensure the pebbles are wet/damp. as the water evaporates it will create a humid athmosphere around the bonsai.

keep your bonsai away from open doors/windows.

keep it away from windows on an evening (the temperature next to the window is significantly lower than in the rest of the room). don't place your bonsai above a heat source e.g. television, heating duct, etc.
place it in good light without being in direct summer sun.

Like I said, not easy but not impossible. Good Luck! ^_^

9 Dec, 2015

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