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i have started turning some of my garden in to a veg patch but have a lot of garden worms will this be a problem when i plant things. thanks, richard



Hu Richard. Be thankful if they are Earthworms, it means your soil is rich and you should be able to raise a fine lot of Veg If you have had as much rain as we have had here you may not be planting much for a day or two.

8 Aug, 2008


Absolutely no problem whatsoever. Worms are gardeners friends. They aerate the soil. Drag down all manner of stuff to eat and "recycle" them as underground nutrients. They only problem I had when I started a couple of years ago was couch grass and mares tail. But the three P's came to the rescue. Persistance, Patience and Perspiration. I now have very little of them. so keeping on top of them is easy.
Just a tip if you are a new veg grower. Try spuds first. Your actions on earthing up and the spuds natural growing nature will help cultivate the ground. You can still buy and plant seed potatoes which will be ready for Christmas dinner.
Good luck and happy growing.

8 Aug, 2008

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