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Anyone else think Friday evenings are not the same without Gardeners World? I think we should have more gardening programmes, but not the instant makeovers which don't interest me one bit.



I think there are some more Monty Don programs coming soon. I had to make do with the football this evening.

6 Nov, 2015


Oh yes, let's have more gardening programmes and not those that simply visit country houses which are, basically, all the same design.

Fridays? Read a book instead.

7 Nov, 2015


Well, I'm sorry to say I haven't even noticed - I rarely watch it these days, I'm not a great fan of Monty's style... and I don't like the 'makeover' garden type programmes either...

7 Nov, 2015


Hi, I'm with Bamboo, I haven't seen 1 episode this year, they always seem o be repeats of previous years programmes anyway, so don't bother, Derek.

7 Nov, 2015


I do like Monty and find that he gives me good info and tips. Also, watching a bit of telly makes a change from my addiction to reading novels. The only other TV progamme i would never miss is Downton and that's finishing tonight. I didn't even realise that Autumnwatch was on until the last programme.

I'll keep a lookout for future Monty shows so thankyou Andrewr.

8 Nov, 2015


Yes its a shame Gardner's world and Beachgrove has also finished prefer Beachgrove you can probably still watch on iPlayer or if you put gardening in to youtube there are quite a lot of gardening things to have a look at.

8 Nov, 2015


I'm of the same opinion as Derek and sorry to say but the television in general holds little interest to me. If it wasn't the fact that the missus watches Emmerdale, Strictly and Poldark when it's on, I wouldn't be investing in a TV licence.

8 Nov, 2015


I tried watching Beechgove recently. Some woman was talking about greenhouse plants and referred to achimenes as a "fancy name." I turned off.

8 Nov, 2015


I'm not surprised you turned off or over Andrewr - not very impressive, is it...

9 Nov, 2015


Monty has a new series starting at 9pm on Sunday.'secret History of British Gardens' should be worth a watch..also next years Gardeners World should be interesting as it will have a new addition to the cast...'Nigel' is getting a little 'brother' to help him out at Longmeadow...

14 Nov, 2015


A couple of good write-ups for 'Secret History of British Gardens'

14 Nov, 2015


Thanks every one for responding to my question. Mixed reviews but I've learnt that there are gardening progarmmes on You Tube, which never occured to me.
i like the sound of Secret History of British Gardens ao thankss for that Loli and Andrewr. I've been away for over a week so only just seen some messages.

17 Nov, 2015

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