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What are theses in my lawn & are thy harmful
Ann can any one tell if you can grow garlic in a pollytunnel cheers Dave....




I have them too. It's the wet weather but as far as I know they aren't harmful. If you're bothered by them then just rake them out.

7 Nov, 2015


They are just mushrooms. (Not the sort you cook with!) Impossible to identify them from a distant photo. Some are poisonous (only if you eat them) but most are harmless. They will disappear in a few days but will probably come back next year. They are just the fruiting body of a widespread "plant" under the surface which is feeding on something there - could be grass roots, other roots etc. They do a good job in getting rid of decaying plant life. You can brush them off as Arbuthnot says but they'll not be around long in any case.

No idea about the garlic, sorry.

7 Nov, 2015


I agree they are a common fungus found in lawns. but probably not edible so don't try. they are difficult to eradicate and personally I wouldn't bother trying.

a friend of mine grows garlic in her polytunnel so yes you can.

7 Nov, 2015


Cheers All ?

7 Nov, 2015


I get these all the time, usually when it rains. Don't worry about them, they're here today, but gone tomorrow.

7 Nov, 2015

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