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Hi I was recently given this lemon tree as a gift and have no idea what type of lemon it is it had a couple of lemons on it but on the label it said ornamental AV citrus tree so if anyone knows what species of lemon it is please let me know I took the lemons off but they were so bitter I have been keeping it on a windowsill and have fed it but not watered it as it was quite wet when I had it which was about three weeks ago however the leaves have started to fall off and turn a yellow colour yet there are green healthy leaves on it as well what can I do to save it as I really like it do I need to put it into a bigger pot if any one can help please do

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I would suggest that you ask the gift giver for the location of purchase. If not to far away you can make a visit and more often than not there will be somebody knowledgable about the product sold.

7 Nov, 2015


Lemons do lose leaves throughout the year as a natural process, so if it's only a few I wouldn't worry. The pot does look very dry, so check your watering regime as well.

8 Nov, 2015

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