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Hello I have a canna stuttgard it is now in a pot can I keep it in a frost free place over winter rather than dry the bulbs?

Any advice much appreciated




Yes, you can, or at least, that's what I used to do with mine, and they grew again the following year - but you'll find you'll need to either split or put into a larger pot or in the ground in late spring as growth begins.

11 Nov, 2015


Thank you I will do this method, I am looking forward to Spring. Actually were you able to stop the leaves from browning at the edges over Summer? I would be interested to know.


11 Nov, 2015


I don't remember that being a problem, other than the odd leaf, but then mine had dark and light red leaves, so it might not have been so noticeable.

12 Nov, 2015


Shazziepx, storing in soilis preferable than storing in bins, as long as you can keep them from freezing hard--no lower than -2ยบ C. Leaf browning in Cannas is minimal, unless you either starve them for water, or leave stems that are done blooming standing too long.

16 Nov, 2015


Great info. I will keep them in the pot but will cut them down to soil level and keep in my outdoor office. I would hate to lose them as they are hard to find so thank you for your comments.


16 Nov, 2015

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