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I have a ten year old dwarf peach tree. Is it possible to lift it and replant in container as I want to put it in the greenhouse.



it is possible to lift but you'd need to do it when it is dormant and put it into the biggest pot you can. Then with luck it will survive. but in the greenhouse you may find it is plagued by pests etc.

11 Nov, 2015


I'm not at all sure you can lift it - you say its ten years old, which suggests its been in the ground for ten years - the root spread may be very wide and deep, not suitable for putting in a pot, even if it survived the shock of being dug up.

11 Nov, 2015


My thoughts too bamboo which is why I said with luck. clearly mature trees do get lifted etc but with it being dwarfing I thought it might have a better chance of survival.

12 Nov, 2015


Well you're right of course, mature trees do get lifted, but usually with a crane type digger/grabber machine and a large sling...

12 Nov, 2015


Also, don't put it in a heated greenhouse, since even the earliest kinds need a few hundred hours of chilling in the winter.

16 Nov, 2015

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