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By Jomana

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

how to stop cats from using my garden as a toilet?
i moved recently to a new house,enjoyed the garden for a few months only to discover that neighbours cats use it as a toilet.
believe me i tried every thing.garlic,pepper,commercial sprays,sticking twigs on the edges,water plasic bottles and old cds.i put an empty pot once and they did it inside,even on stones,i sprayed them with water.i told the neighbour and she now uses another letter box for them worked foe a few days and they doing it again.pls help.i have two little kids and i can use anything that may harm them.



"even on stones" - what kind of stones? If you mean gravel, I'm not surprised, they love that, treat it like cat litter. Pebbles like you get on the beach are the way to go if you're really desperate, used as a mulch over your borders - but if the neighbour's cats are toms, particularly un-neutered tom cats, they'll do it anywhere, couldn't care less about leaving it on the surface, dirty creatures.

30 Jul, 2010


thanks bamboo.I`m not sure if the stones i mean are gravel or pebbels.They are kind of big,soft and gray.They can be either.I`m really surprised about them not hiding what they do.I thought cats are discreat about it.I built two scarecrows with the kids and put them out today.Hope they work.Enjoyed making them anyway!!

30 Jul, 2010


My mum used to plant marigolds along the edges of bordrs, cats hate the smell. They are mildly toxic but cats aren't daft. Also some shops sell lion poo have you tried that?

1 Aug, 2010


I was actually looking at plants today and has been considering planting some especially anti cat ones.But why would i use lion poo?Cat poo is more than enough allready.Isn`t it also discusting and smelly??

1 Aug, 2010


Don't think so, and it does keep them away - but not for long, from a couple of days to a week or so.

1 Aug, 2010

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