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If I want sweet chestnuts to be mutually pollinated, what is the best distance between 2 trees?

Thank you in advance.



Depends on the variety you've chosen - some info in the link below

14 Nov, 2015


Hi Katarina, if you have the species rather than a cultivar, then they grow to 100ft x 50ft, so need to be about 100ft apart as a minimum, mind you they will take a while to get to this size, Derek.

14 Nov, 2015


Thank you very much, Bamboo, it is very useful information, I was not able to find nothing in Slovak language. I have older tree, which I presented here several years ago, it is Slovak variety of sweet chestnut "Bojar" and the new one is Bouche de B├ętizac, with larger nuts. I planted them 7 metres apart.
Thank you, Derek, I think these cultivars do not grow so high, but we will see.

14 Nov, 2015

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