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Hi, my late father specialised in delphiniums, in 1989 he grew some magnificent specimens, he gave me some seeds from these which I mislaid, recently I came across these seeds in a box in the loft they are sealed in an envelope, is there any chance that they would still be of any use,after all this time, I know very little about gardening,
But would love to try and grow his plants,if at all posible
Kind regards
Frank coleman



the only way to find out if they're still viable is to try sowing them and see if some grow - you may need a propagator to get them going, instructions in the link below

15 Nov, 2015


I would say give it a go. Some years ago the old Market House in Uxbridge near where I live was renovated. It was said that a couple of hundred years or more ago it was the Corn Exchange and seeds were found under old floorboards. They were tried out and some grew so it's definitely worth a try. Nothing to lose. Please keep us posted, I'd love to know how you get on with them.

15 Nov, 2015


I too would give them a try and yes please let us know how they get on....

15 Nov, 2015

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