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can I cut a new leaf off a gunnera and get it to sprout?



No, but miracles do happen and maybe one of the members propagated this way, let's wait and see. How about a little garden info about yourself... What's your growing zone and or what part of the country are you from?

15 Nov, 2015


You can plant small crowns that grow at the top and the side of the plant. In the uk it would be in April or May.

15 Nov, 2015


Thank you, I'm in SF. Are small crowns snippets of larger crowns or would you be looking for a whole crown? Thanks in advance!

16 Nov, 2015


Just in case, I think that SF means San Francisco, CA, wich would be a touch warmer in winter than the southern UK, and drier in summer, too--especially when the Santa Ana winds blow. If Gunneras do well, Emolen is probably gardening pretty close to the sea.

16 Nov, 2015

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