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Daffodil planting depth


By Ads2k15

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I've recently planted some daffodils using a bulb planter.

The pack suggested they should be planted at a depth of 10cm which is the maximum depth of the planter so I created a hole that deep, filled it with some grit to improve drainage then popped the bulb in and covered it with soil. My question is, this didn't seem all that deep and online I've since seen a guide indicating 10cm deep means the middle of the bulb should be placed 10cm deep as opposed to the bottom of it as I have done (if that makes sense!)

Anyone got a view on whether it will be o.k. as I've done it or if they should ideally be deeper?




No, it's not OK. I think your biggest problem is learning to read and follow instructions.

16 Nov, 2015


It may be the higher soil temps here, but we usually get better results by planting them deeper. About 10-15 cm deep--to the bulb shoulder--in clay soil, and 15-20 cm deep in sandy soil. The "bulb shoulder" is where the bulb widens out from the growing point on top.

16 Nov, 2015


the general rule of thumb is to plant the bulb 3 x deeper than the height of the bulb. so if the bulb is 2 cm tall plant it 6cm deep. some books say 2x the depth from the nose/neck of the bulb same thing.

the daffs will grow and flower for you this year but they probably wont for next. the flower is already in the bulb so don't worry about it.

16 Nov, 2015


If they are the miniature Daffs,they might be ok,but the bigger ones need a deeper depth..The best thing would be to replant in a bigger pot,if possible.... I don't have clay soil.and they have always done well ..just put a bit more grit,or sharp sand under the bulbs for drainage,and top up with soil..Thousands of these come up every year in spring,with no attention at all,so I'm sure yours will do the same..

16 Nov, 2015


We crossed there,Sbg..:o)

16 Nov, 2015


I often wondered where you measure from. I've never measured the hole anyway and things always come up. Don't worry. Some bulbs can adjust their depth all by themselves - nature is amazing. Just do it better next time!

Bathgate are you feeling a bit tetchy today?

16 Nov, 2015


Hi Stera, no. It's just that planting instructions are clearly printed on the package & the bulb planter is built to the correct planting depth for bulbs. I wonder why reading it again here would matter. The writer dug a hole, then filled it and after that planted the bulb. Just dig a hole 6 inches down, pop the bulb in, burry it. It's done. You will have a beautiful tulip in the Spring. It's like A, B, C's.

16 Nov, 2015


Thanks to those who provided a helpful response.

Possibly my initial question wasn't worded the best as I hadn't filled the hole all the way back up but had simply added a little grit to the bottom. Also the instructions didn't make clear where to measure from so I'm glad I wasn't the only person to be unclear about that.

My handheld bulb planter has since broken so have got a long handled one now which seems a lot stronger and am replanting the bulbs a bit deeper to be on the safe side.

16 Nov, 2015


I apologize if I offended you. Thanks for providing additional information. If the package says the hole should be 6 inches, that's what you should do. No need to measure from top or bottom of bulb - it's done for you. A pinch of grit doesn't matter. Just don't plant in wet or soggy location. The bulbs will rot.

16 Nov, 2015


Cheers Bathgate

16 Nov, 2015

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