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Location: India, Tamilnadu state, Tiruchchirappalli city

This plant is seen in my garden. It grows after rain, and vanishes after rainy season. Now it is grown for the past one month.

What is this plant called?
Please give details, such as botanical name, family.

P_20151016_065132 P_20151016_065439



Could it be a liverwort? They do that disappearing trick when it's dry.

16 Nov, 2015


Are the photos at actual size or did you zoom in on the plant?

16 Nov, 2015


It looks like a liverwort to me, too. It's a very primitive, spore-bearing plant with hundreds of species in dozens of genera. Likeliest person to give a specific identification is an expert in non-vascular plants. My uninformed opinion is a Conocephalum species, but that is just from perusing pictures.

17 Nov, 2015

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