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I have a hibiscus but the buds are dropping off and I have brought it indoors as it is November, but its fullof tiny snails and woodlice, can I totally repot in cleansoil and what soil please, iam no gardener... thanks. ok thanks I wonder if anyone else can help out here, thebuds were falling while it was still in the pot in th egarden.



Can't advise on the potting but a tip for next year is to stand the pot on pot feet of some sort to keep the drainage hole well clear of the ground. This seems to discourage the woodlice from getting into the pot. Two or three slug pellets on the surface of the compost should deal with the snails.

If the buds started dropping after you brought the plant indoors it was probably caused by a sudden change in temperature and humidity.

20 Nov, 2015


Wood lice are harmless. Snails on the otherhand:( The plant went into relocation shock. It should recover once it has finished acclimating to its new location.

21 Nov, 2015

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