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Will I still be able to use my crass clippings for on my compost heap I've just started using green thumb to do my lawn and I don't no what chemicals thy use if any ?



Green Thumb are great so to be quite sure I'd give them a ring and check what they put on. In the meantime don't use the clippings for mulch but you can compost them separately (imagine bold letters) if you are desperate for compost as long as you wait at least a year, probably two, before you use them.

Wish we had them in our area...was sorry to leave them behind when we moved. One thing I found with them though was that when they came regularly the grass grew very lush and was more susceptible than before to fungal infections - if I had them again I would have them less frequently than their standard rota, but that's only our experience over a few years with one (big) lawn.

21 Nov, 2015


hi if they have just been the grass wont be growing much anyway so it might not want cutting this season.if they come in the growing season don't compost it for five or six cuts.good luck.

21 Nov, 2015


The reason for saying wait it a year or two was for if you compost grass in a separate heap, which I find you have to do really if you have a lot. It takes that long to rot down if its not mixed with coarser stuff.

21 Nov, 2015


GreenThumb treat my grass as well (they visit four times a year). My lawn mowings get mixed with everything else on the compost heap and left for 12 months to rot down. I've never had any problems from chemical residues.

21 Nov, 2015


Thanks to All ??

22 Nov, 2015

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