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We have tulip bulbs that we want to put in pots and sell for charity on the 1st of May;we would like the bulbs Not to have flowered yet,sort of just about to !
Any advice as to when to plant them and how to keep the pots.Wet?dry?in the dark???I am not a gardner ;
I live in the Vendee in France



I grow lots of bulbs in pots, Tulipbulbs, and have no idea of how we ordinary gardeners can achieve what you ask! The pots that you see in supermarkets and garden centres have been mass produced in Holland using all sorts of fancy and expensive technical aids.
The first of May is getting a little late for what you want so my suggestion would be to keep the compost just moist and keep the pots in a cool place in lots of light. And keep your fingers crossed!

24 Nov, 2015


And remember that there are may different varieties, some flower early and some late. You will need the late flowering ones.

24 Nov, 2015

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