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Is this broccoli ready for harvest? It is about 4-5 inches in diameter. Not huge, but this plant doesn't get enough sun so I figured it would be a smaller head. Hasn't grown much in the past week. I'm a first time broccoli grower and don't want to harvest too early or late!
-Ben from San Diego, SZ 21




Yes! Cut it off and enjoy, but leave the plant in, it will probably develop more, smaller heads from the leaf joints.

25 Nov, 2015


Agree with Owdb

25 Nov, 2015


Looks perfect!

25 Nov, 2015


Thanks all! Bon appetit!

25 Nov, 2015


wow that looks just perfect.

26 Nov, 2015


Looks great for a beginner, and better than mine were last year! Better too early than too late--broccoli seedlings make an excellent mezclun component--so all that you might be losing is a little size. Too late, and it loses texture and gets strong in flavor.

26 Nov, 2015

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