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Yellow flowering shrub

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We are in Mexico right now and there are so many plants growing wild that I do not know.
Would appreciate if anybody would identify for me this weedy shrub please. It grows along the roads and on eroded plots.

Uknown1 Jellow_shrub_flowers Yellow_shrub_in_ditch



Sorry the last one ,Jatropha integerrima, was added as accident

26 Nov, 2015


Looks like a "Mexican Bird Of Paradise Tree(Shrub)". Since you are still there a good sharp close up of the flowers would be very helpful in a definite identification. Sorry, I am only familiar with the common name of this plant seen long ago when I was there.

27 Nov, 2015


The yellow might be a Tecoma. They are in flower here right now.

27 Nov, 2015


Maybe some species of Cassia? Do you have a closeup of the flowers and/or foliage, Klahanie?

27 Nov, 2015


I do not think it is any of the above mentioned, gentlemen. I will venture outside today and will take better detail . Thank you.
I do not see on the page how to get rid of the last picture.

27 Nov, 2015


The flowers look like a member of the Senecio tribe of the Daisy family--it may take me a while to find the species!

28 Nov, 2015


I replaced pictures of this plant which show the flowers and leaves little better

28 Nov, 2015


Well, my best guess at present is a subspecies of Willowleaf Groundsel (Barkleyanthus salicifolius), but that doesn't quite fit. Klahanie, if you could find out the local common name(s), it might be a big help.

29 Nov, 2015


I think you are up to something here Tugbrethil. Certainly looks very similar (if not the same). I will see what else I can find out about it. It is very prominent plant in several areas here.
In shrub form and small tree form.

29 Nov, 2015


So far no luck. I asked one of the local resident (gringo) who is interested in botany but he did not know either. Actually suggested Barkleyanthus as yourself but I do not think leaves are the same.
I am not alone looking for the name, look at this article:
That is exactly the plant. He took the pictures it in this region and I wonder if it is not something very local.
The first 3 or 4 of pictures

1 Dec, 2015


That looks like the same plant, allright! Unfortunately, the few suggestions that I saw didn't pan out. The one that is still doubtful is Aequitorium--every time I try to google that, I get info on shellfish! I'll keep trying. :)

2 Dec, 2015


It could be a species of Montanoa. Montanoa species have flowers that looks like daisies, hence the name daisy tree. There's several species native from South Mexico into Central America.

6 Dec, 2015


It could be Delonix1. The shrub certainly behaves in similar fashion in growth, but the flower is not exactly daisy like and I thought that they are mainly white. These tiny yellow petals fall off very quickly but not the center. We have lots Montanoa in the neighbourhood here. Flowers of which remind me of flowers of camomile in my yard.
I still cannot find anything scientific which resembles this plant.

6 Dec, 2015


Hopefully, it can be identified! :>)

9 Dec, 2015

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