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I want to save my dahlias for next year, I know I have to dig them up and dry them, but where should I store them for next year, please? Do they need to be cool, with air around them, or can they be put into a box, in newspaper? I also intend to divide them up, to give some to my friend, some advice on that would be useful too please. I would also like to thank you all for your previous help.



Hi I stand mine upside down to drain for about a week then I put them into boxes of sawdust in a frost free dark place. usually the shed.
I usually take cuttings from them when they sprout in the spring. The tubers need to have a bud/eye for a plant next year, so you may not be able to see them to split them now.

29 Nov, 2015


Hi, I agree with Seaburngirl, cuttings are much easier than trying to split the tubers, but if you want to try that way, you will find the 'eyes' at the bottom of the old shoots, not on the tuber itself, so you have to actually split the shoot, as well as the tuber, if you go the cuttings route, leave about 1/4" of the new shoot, so that it can send out another shoot or 2, Derek.

29 Nov, 2015


Thank you both, but if I store them in the shed, what do I do to keep the mice away please.

29 Nov, 2015


mousetraps/bait but I've never had a problem with mice eating them. other things yes.

30 Nov, 2015


Store them in a cool dry place around 40f. The basement should be perfect for them. You can wrap them in newspaper, or mulch around them. They need good air circulation to prevent mold & rot. However don't let them dry to a crisp. Give them a light mist with a spray bottle once in a while. They can't dry out completely. Inspect them every month & remove any parts that are mushy or moldy.

2 Dec, 2015

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