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Can anyone name this plant?

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone name this small daisy like flower on this plant?

Sorry its not a good picture but its from someone on a GardenLovers chatroom site.




Maybe a Boltonia asteroides?

29 Nov, 2015


Hi, could be Cranbe cordifolia, Derek.

29 Nov, 2015


Could it be a aster!

29 Nov, 2015


Hi,it could be Aster umbellatus, Derek.

29 Nov, 2015


Or even Aster ericoides!

29 Nov, 2015


So, no, we can't!

29 Nov, 2015


Hmm...Crambe cordifolius is a member of the mustard family, and the blooms are more like arugala than daisies. Aster Umbellatus is a definite candidate, but the ones that I have seen have fewer rays than these are showing, and a more upright habit. Aster ericoides, on the other hand, has a more prostrate habit than these, from what I have seen. I still stand by my suggestion--though I could easily be wrong, too! :)

30 Nov, 2015


Aster ericoides White Heather grows to about 4 feet so not particularly prostrate.

30 Nov, 2015


Ah, the ones I was looking at must have been shorter cultivars. Oddly, one of the shortest that I saw was labelled 'White Heather', but I know how labels often go!

30 Nov, 2015


Thank You for the Nice Replies to my Question about the plant :o)

30 Nov, 2015


You're welcome, Ladyessex! :)

1 Dec, 2015


You don't say when the picture was taken but it looks like it could be Osmanthus burkwoodii or Olearia hastii. These are both evergreen & spring to early summer flowering.

2 Dec, 2015

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