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Should I use a pruning sealer on this stub on our Bramley Apple tree? We have just had a branch sawn off because it was dead. The branch was one of the three main branches of the tree, though not as big as the other two. In fact, it should probably have been sawn off about five years ago, when I first noticed bark coming off it. I think that whatever killed it may have spread further, because of the colour of the stub, which is not just one light sawdust colour; it is dark in places, and if I remember right, this indicates rot, or something not healthy. I have included two photos below. Perhaps more of the branch should have been sawn off, but the top of the stub is only two inches from where it meets the two remaining main branches. The stub is 9.5/10 inches or 25 cm in diameter.
Thanks for any help on this.

Dscf0016 Dscf0017




Experts used to say cover them in sealant, but now they tell us best not to , as you can trap spores etc in underneath, which causes more damage , from your photo's looks a clean cut so if me I would leave alone


30 Nov, 2015


Agree with Gnarly gnome - not sure what that staining is, but if its a phytophthera, you'll know as the rest of the tree starts to suffer.

1 Dec, 2015


I agree, the tree will naturally isolate the wound and heal itself so long as the branch collar is intact. I see from your photo it is. That's the little lip around the perimeter of the cut where the branch attaches to the main stem. Do not cut off the branch collar or the tree will never heal and slowly begin to die.

2 Dec, 2015

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