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Hi, I have a beautiful aeonium schwarzkopff that was looking healthy and vibrant. We had a frost overnight and it got quite hurt. I have since brought it indoors but it just seems to be getting worse. Can I save this plant? It's making me very sad! It looks even worse now than the photo shows. Lots of leaves have fallen off.




Don't despair!
I have grown these lovely plants for a number of years and my solution to this problem is drastic - but it may well save your plant.
If the root hasn't been frozen then all may be well. If you scratch the stem and it is green you should be OK.
Now to the nitty - gritty. If the rosettes are totally mushed then cut them off! The stems should sprout tiny shoots from the top, in spring, if you keep the plant frost free over the winter.
I keep two very large ones in an unheated potting shed during the winter months. I don't water them at all and only give them a drop when the better weather arrives The precaution I take is to cover them with horticultural fleece tucked over the stems and around the pot when really cold weather is forecast.
Good luck!

1 Dec, 2015


Ahhh I just checked and the stem is still green. So that's good news. Thank you for your advice!

1 Dec, 2015


An extra thought.
If the centre of the rosettes haven't been damaged you could allow the outer leaves of the rosette to dry and fall off.
That would save cutting the head off completely.
That is assuming that you haven't done it already!
I have propagated them in spring by cutting the stems into 6 inch lengths, cutting a small notch towards the bottom of the stem on either side, then potted them up in very gritty compost.

2 Dec, 2015

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