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Aconite Bulbs is it too late to plant ....... UK



I'd get them in quick

4 Dec, 2015


They won't grow in the bag so, yes, get them in the ground.

5 Dec, 2015


But do not expect too much, they hate being dried out as they are when bagged up and rarely do well when planted. Better if you can buy them actually growing.

5 Dec, 2015


thanks guys , I may give them a soak for a hour before planting .......

5 Dec, 2015


the way the weather's been the last few days, they'll get a really good soak in the ground - well, not in London, not much rain here, but elsewhere, or so I understand.

6 Dec, 2015


very true Bamboo ..... soil is sodden.

I hope the mice dont like them !!



6 Dec, 2015


Hi All

I honestly thought they were not going to grow, as in I planted them too late and low and behold they have started to pop up and flower.

25 Mar, 2016


Lucky, though they are late - always worth a try... should flower earlier next year...

25 Mar, 2016

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