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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I'm wondering why my Garrya Elliptica has no flower buds this winter? It's about 3 years old and this is the first winter without any.



Have you pruned it at all, and if so, when?

6 Dec, 2015


Only the lowest branches Bamboo as I'm training it as a tree and that was early spring as the tassels were dying off.

6 Dec, 2015


You pruned at the right time, so it won't be that - did you keep it well watered during any dry spells this year? Drought or dry conditions at the wrong time can cause lack of flower initiation. Alternatively, if its grown a lot of foliage this year and its been quite wet, that also tends to discourage flowering. I'm assuming its planted in a very sheltered spot, not in a frost pocket, and out of harsh winds.

6 Dec, 2015


I think you've hit the nail on the head Bamboo.....dry conditions. It's at the very back of my garden near a wall a very sheltered spot, and rain doesn't reach it too well. I shall have to remember this next year to water it regularly through the growing season. I must admit it's one of those plants/shrubs I don't notice most of the year.

Thanks for your help.

6 Dec, 2015


I bought a young garrya this summer ,it's about 3 ft tall with some slight growth from the lower part. There also doesn't look like any flower buds. Am I expecting too much from a young shrub? It's positioned near a south facing wall but never got dry since planting it.

8 Dec, 2015


Well they do start flowering quite early, and you say yours is about 3 feet, so I'd have expected a couple. But if you planted it in summer, and all the growth you've seen since then is near the base, I'm willing to bet it didn't get enough water to do much actual growing/flowering - enough to survive, but not enough to grow on. This is particularly likely to be the case if its planted less than a foot to 18 inches from a wall...

You'll just have to wait till next year, I'm afraid. If it is planted too close to the wall, consider moving it further away now.

8 Dec, 2015


Thanks Bamboo. I'll check the distance tomorrow.

8 Dec, 2015

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