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anyone grown fritillaria imperalis auramarginata ive seen heights of 5,4 and 3 feet which is it?




Never seen it get more than 3 feet myself, even in optimum conditions.

6 Dec, 2015


umm yes i think some sellers are misleading

6 Dec, 2015


Ours grow to about 4. The fertility of the soil can have an effect as they atre greedy feeders; not that ours ever get fed!

6 Dec, 2015


Is it right that you plant the bulb upside down or on it's side so it doesn't rot?

6 Dec, 2015


yes until the bulb gets established to stop the top rotting and will right itself in the end

6 Dec, 2015


No, Ladye, I have never done that and have no problem. Our soil is very well drained, if you garden in a heavy soil (eg Essex?) it may be different.

6 Dec, 2015


mine got to about 3.5 ft and I put them on their side when I planted them. when I accidently dug one up it was the right way up. I wouldn't put it upside down as that is quite a turning act for it.
I don't bother now they go in the right way and don't seem to have a problem.

7 Dec, 2015

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