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By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have a lantana which is growing like crazy in DECEMBER help what should I do with it as yet we have not had a frost and I do not want to lose it. It also has flower buds on it this isn't normal surely, your advice would be appreciated.



I don't grow Lantana but a quick wed search tells me that it is a house or conservatory plant, so unlikely to survive outside in a Kent winter.

9 Dec, 2015


My hollys obviously hardy is full of red berries.....and flowers weird or what!

9 Dec, 2015


Tender perennial in the UK - they will withstand up to ten degrees of frost, though they'll lose their leaves but what they can't stand is a combination of wet or damp soil and frost. If you don't want to risk losing it, wait till the weather's getting cold, then pot it up and bring it inside for the rest of the winter.

'Normal' is a relative term - if the temperature is right, then plants keep growing, by and large, and certainly, at the moment, weed seeds are still germinating here in open ground, something usually reserved for spring, as the weather warms.

9 Dec, 2015


Or do you mean Viburnum lantana?

9 Dec, 2015


My blueberries are flowering....

9 Dec, 2015


It mild......blowing a gale though
the storms of 2 years ago comes to mind?

10 Dec, 2015

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