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Does anyone know..... seeing my Sophora microphylla Sun King 'Hilsop' is flowering now that it will flower in the spring time too?



The RHS has this as winter flowering...

15 Dec, 2015


yea, late winter, early spring, often around February time. Its anybody's guess whether you'll get more flowers in early spring, all bets are off currently, given that the roadside verges in Surrey (and other places) are currently full of open daffodils.... If this weather keeps up so mild, most of the spring flowers will be done before the end of 'winter'....

15 Dec, 2015


It all depends on what triggers flowers. Some plants go by temperature (as we are seeing now), but others go on daylight and should always bloom at the same time every year.

15 Dec, 2015


It would probably depend on how many of the flowering buds remained dormant through this false spring--the chances of it producing new ones in time for a spring bloom are pretty slim.

16 Dec, 2015


Moon-growe. I emailed The Garden Club 'Wyevale & they said the same as you found out :o))
Funny how for the last two years mine has flowered through spring & summer LOL

17 Dec, 2015


There you go...

17 Dec, 2015


:o)), I'll have to see what the spring brings LOL, maybe it will surprise me...... or not LOL :o))

18 Dec, 2015

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