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By Nite

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

does anyone know if you can grow EXOCHORDAL, from seed as i have acquired a few seeds,and would like to try.Also if yes when can it be done please.



I think you mean Exochorda, you can try growing from seed but usual method is softwood cuttings... Would take a while from seed to a flowering shrub.

20 Dec, 2015


Thank you that is the correct name of it Exochorda.

20 Dec, 2015


Hi, you can grow Exochorda from seed, but it should be sown in autumn, in a seed bed, where it can remain for a few years, but as Moongrower says it will take quite a while to grow, and is best propagated from softwood cuttings in summer. Derek.

20 Dec, 2015


Thank you, seeing as it`s warm i will do that now nothing to lose,as i acquired them free.

21 Dec, 2015


Because my Exochorda set seed, I saved some and planted them in compost . . . within a year I now have a little bonsai tree!

21 Dec, 2015


I will try that wonderful,thank you.

22 Dec, 2015


I've found my Exochorda seeds sprout quite easily ... in fact I noticed that my young Exochorda in a pot has one white blossom on it today.. it thinks the mild weather means springtime ... good luck, Nite, with yours, and Merry Christmas :o)

22 Dec, 2015


Thank you and a very merry christmas to you all,look forward to letting you know my progress.

24 Dec, 2015

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