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Hellebores: what would make good planting companions for these long-lived flowers?



Ours are surrounded by Cyclamen hederifolium and C. coum, but that was accidental rather than deliberate.

21 Dec, 2015


Bet they look gorgeous, Owdb :)

21 Dec, 2015


Also got Snowdrops with them too.
How about Pulmonaria? Nice spotted leaves and early flowers.

21 Dec, 2015


How about some larger autumn bulbs for when you remove the leaves at the end of summer?

21 Dec, 2015


Thanks Owdb - Pulmonaria a possibility.

Thank you Sue - not sure I know any autumn bulbs? But the premise is spot on!

21 Dec, 2015


How about Colchicums? And there's Crocus speciosus (I think BJS has these and that he said they need a very open soil)
And there's the little white gladiolus (only I don't think it is one really but can't just remember what it is- tell me and I'll tell you...) that flowers right at the end of summer.
For earlier in the year Dutch Iris pop up, do their stuff and soon get inconspicuous again and some of the low growing geraniums add contrasting leaf shapes in summer, as do ferns.

22 Dec, 2015


Thanks Sue - good ideas. I'm intrigued by the 'little white gladiolus' - hope the name will come to you!

Have a great Christmas. x

23 Dec, 2015

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