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Could any body tell the correct way to clean your eggshells befor you give them to your worms or add them to the garden ?



Clean them? All we do is crush them (and not always that until I dig in the compost).

21 Dec, 2015


No need to clean... just break up and bung in the compost.

21 Dec, 2015


They decay better if a little bit of white and membrane is left on them, and the compost will be richer for it.

22 Dec, 2015


BTW so far as I know worms don't eat egg shells but they will, eventually rot down.

22 Dec, 2015


Moon Grower Worms do eat eggshells thy love them all ways put them in my Wormery for my compost ? Cheers

22 Dec, 2015


I always wash them in soapy water first then I save them through the winter for crushing and putting round hostas in pots next year. The "shell" effect usually works till late August/early September so the slugs obviously don't like to crawl over them. Never tried them in the compost though.

23 Dec, 2015

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