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i am growing mini roses t o put outside next spring,the problem i have is some of the leaves discolour and fall away. do i need to feed them.?



Are these the mini roses that are usually sold from supermarkets for the house? As you don't say where you are on the planet it is difficult to give an answer...

24 Dec, 2015


if they are the ones from the supermarket they tend to have 3-4 smaller plants in one pot. they will need a regular feed and good light at this time of year if you are in the northern hemisphere. where abouts are you as you don't give a location.

24 Dec, 2015


Thanks you both for replys i will feed them and hope for the best i am on the isle of wight.

24 Dec, 2015


Mini roses have the same requirements as all other roses - at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and good air circulation. Anything less will precipitate many other problems. Your mini roses are very stressed from being moved to a new environment. This would cause leaf drop. They would prefer to be outdoors and in some phase of dormancy right now as most roses are. Keep the soil damp but not soggy, be mindful of aphids and mites, give them as much sun as possible. Just focus on keeping them green for now. I would hold off on feeding until planted outdoors in the Spring. They've already been fed before being shipped out to the supermarket or from where ever you bought them.

25 Dec, 2015

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