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Anthurium d Amour Red Deluxe in Wrap

Yes lucky me a presi for Christmas , and its huge.

Anyone has any tips to keep it looking & growing well
I have never grown before



Light: bright indirect, as in an open north window, solar tube, or frosted skylight.
Watering: allow the top cm of soil to dry between soakings.
Feeding: high nitrogen, low phosphate, and moderate potash food, lightly and frequently.
Temperature: nights 16º-27º C, days 22º-33º.
Humidity: 40%-80% relative humidity. Humidity tray, humidifier, or a well lit bathroom are recommended.

27 Dec, 2015


oohhh thats great I have it in the dinning room in the corner by the patio doors so doesn't get any direct sunlight

Really useful ....

Thank you


27 Dec, 2015


If there is a roof over the patio--as is normal here--it may not get enough light. If African Violets do well there, it should be enough.

27 Dec, 2015

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