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Amaryllis belladonna. I bought 3 of these large bulbs in November but thought the ground to wet to plant out. They are in the shed but after inspecting today there is a bit of top growth. Would it be best to plant in pots and put in cold frame until spring or leave wrapped up until spring and then plant.



I would pot them up and put them in a deep cold frame, poly tunnel, or cool conservatory. Here in the desert, they bloom in early fall, then grow leaves all winter and spring, and lose everything through the summer. In colder climates, they tend to do most of their growing in spring and early summer, then bloom in late summer, after a brief dormant period. Note that planting them at the wrong time may result in them not blooming for 2-4 years.

29 Dec, 2015


Thanks. Will do. I think my unheated greenhouse will be too warm at the moment and the cold frame is in the shade so that's where they'll go.

29 Dec, 2015


The ones I have are putting on a lot of growth right now, probably because it is frost free. They need as much light as they can get. The ones in part shade don't do as well as those in full sun, which can also cause them to not flower. They don't like to be moved, and may not flower the first year. They also do very well without any additional water other than what falls naturally; they come from areas of South Africa that get rain in winter, dry in summer. The root systems are also very large, so use a large pot. For me, white ones flower in August, pink in September. Put them in the greenhouse, not the cold frame in the shade.

29 Dec, 2015


When you go to plant them, Barbarak, put them in a southern exposure, in fairly gritty soil, to allow them to get as dry and hot in the summer as possible.

29 Dec, 2015


I have put them into individual pots in gritty John inner no2 now in greenhouse and not cold frame. When real spring ,I.e. March/April, arrives I will put into ground in the sunny area when I can see what else is coming up. It's a brand new garden in that all the turf was removed and paths put in. I have planted loads of spring bulbs which I don't want to disturb. Thanks all for your advice.

30 Dec, 2015

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