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I have bind weed, dandelions and moss on my grass and am struggling to get rid of any of it. Please can you help?



Bindweed and dandelions can be 'mown out' by mowing closely at least once a week. Dandelions which persist can be killed with a spot weedkiller based on glyphosate. It doesn't take that long to dab each unless you have a massive lawn.
Moss is a sign of poor drainage and even if you apply a moss killer and rake it out, it will return if you don't improve conditions. The traditional way is to 'spike' the lawn and then brush sand into the holes. There are machines which do this more effectively which you can probably hire. I think they actually remove a plug of earth into which the drainage material can be brushed.

31 Jul, 2010


Thank you. My garden is very small, luckily. I will look at the weedkillers i bought to check that they are based on glyphosate. Also thanks for the advise on the moss, will give that a try too. As I say, my garden is small but I like it to look as tidy as possible.
Thanks again.

1 Aug, 2010

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